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ALL FLU SHOTS It's Flu Season!

Updated: Sep 19

A Message from Our Providers and Staff of Central Bucks Family Practice

For more information regarding current Covid-19 Vaccine and Booster guidelines,


Central Bucks Family Practice takes great pride in the quality of care we provide our patients. We want to take every precaution possible to ensure their good health throughout the year. As a practice we strongly encourage and enforce patients get vaccinated to best prevent against disease. The influenza virus affects millions each year. Last year there were roughly 600,000 hospitalized as a result of the flu and over 60,000 reported flu related deaths.

The best first step in preventing the flu is by getting the flu shot each year. While getting the shot does not guarantee you will not get the flu, studies show that those who were vaccinated presented milder symptoms than those who were not. Other steps to prevent against the flu are simpler; like washing your hands, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and steering clear of sick individuals when possible.

Call the office to schedule a Flu shot today!


Flu or False:

People have thought many things about the flu and the flu shot for as long as

it has been around. Sometimes it is hard to separate fact from fiction:

Myth: The Flu shot can give you influenza.

Truth: The Influenza vaccine does not contain a live virus making it impossible for you to receive the flu from getting inoculated.

Myth: Waiting to get the flu shot increases its effectiveness.

Truth: Getting the Influenza vaccine as soon as it becomes available gives a patient longer protection for the flu season.

Myth: I need to wait to get an appointment with my provider to get a flu shot.

Truth: Call the office to make an appointment with our lab for a flu shot with our licensed phlebotomists. This can be done the same day in your car!

Myth: I have to wait to get my Flu shot if I want to get other vaccines such as RSV or Covid-19

Truth: You can get a COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines, including a flu vaccine, at the same visit. Experience with other vaccines has shown that the way our bodies develop protection, known as an immune response, and possible side effects after getting vaccinated are generally the same when given alone or with other vaccines.


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